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Learn Fluent Bit

Learn everything from Fluent Bit 101 to the latest capabilities from the Fluent Bit v3 release

Advanced Processing with Fluent Bit 3.030 mins

Advanced Routing with Fluent Bit 3.0

Learn how to build resilient telemetry pipelines with Fluent Bit 3.0.

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Fluent Bit and OpenTelemetry48 mins

Getting Started with Fluent Bit and OpenTelemetry

Learn how and when to use Fluent Bit and OpenTelemetry from OSS experts Anurag Gupta & Braydon Kains.

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OpenSearch44 mins

Getting Started with Fluent Bit and OpenSearch

Learn how and when to use Fluent Bit and OpenSearch from OSS experts Anurag Gupta & Kevin Fallis

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FB for Windows47 mins

Fluent Bit for Windows

Learn how Fluent Bit can help Windows admins overcome common problems encountered when dealing with Windows logs.

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Advanced Routing45 mins

Advanced Routing to All Your Destinations

Learn how Fluent Bit integrates with and enhances your existing observability and SIEM platforms, letting you send data to any backend.

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V2: Integrations55 mins

Fluent Bit v2: New integrations for OTel, Wasm, Logs to Metrics, and More

Fluent Bit v2 is the most significant release ever of the open-source solution for logs, metrics, and traces. Learn more about the new features in this webinar.

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Fluent Bit Processing53 mins

Fluent Bit Advanced Processing

Fluent Bit provides a powerful processor that can enrich, redact, remove, or reduce logs flowing through the data pipeline. Learn how in this on-demand webinar.

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Operations and Practices1 hour

Fluent Bit Operations & Best Practices

Discover some of the common architecture patterns Fluent Bit utilizes and how to monitor those setups in production.

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Half-day Training3 hours

Fluent Bit Half-Day Training

This half-day training will advance your understanding of Fluent Bit. The interactive sessions will cover everything from installation to advanced use cases.

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Logging Deep Dive and Best Practices36 mins

Logging Deep Dive and Best Practices

The Calyptia team discusses the challenges of logging and then demonstrates best practices for monitoring and operations with Fluent Bit.

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Fluent Bit: One Telemetry Agent for All your Data Needs40 mins

Fluent Bit: One Telemetry Agent for All your Data Needs

Learn how Fluent Bit can serve as the single agent for collecting, processing, and routing your all of your telemetry data (logs, metrics, and traces).

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Fluent Bit 101 Learning LabSelf-paced

Fluent Bit 101 — Learning Lab

Learn the basics of Fluent Bit, including how to run it from the command line and configure it to read data from a source and send the data to a different destination.

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Getting Started with Fluent Bit and Metrics with PrometheusSelf-paced

Getting Started with Fluent Bit and Metrics with Prometheus

Explore how to collect system metrics with Fluent Bit and send them to Prometheus with this hands-on tutorial in a sandbox environment.

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Fluent Operator initial walk-throughSelf-paced

Fluent Operator Initial Walk-through

Use the Fluent Operator to dynamically deploy and control both FluentD and Fluent Bit automatically. Includes examples of how to deploy the Fluent Operator to send logs to tools like Loki, Elasticsearch, and Kafka.

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Check Out Calyptia Core

Learn how to build turnkey pipelines in minutes with 100+ integrations, built-in processing and more