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From the Creators of Fluent Bit and Fluentd, Calyptia Core enables you to seamlessly manage your data from source to destination. We enable turnkey log collection, aggregation, transformation, and forwarding from any source to any destination.

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Advanced Processing with Fluent Bit

In this on-demand webinar you'll learn about Lua and how it works in Fluent Bit; how to redact, enrich, and reduce your data; and the role of Wasm in the future of processing in Fluent Bit.

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On-demand webinar: Advanced processing with Fluent Bit

Fluent Bit: Advanced Routing to All Your Destinations

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how is data interpreted through a pipeline and routed to destinations using tagging; how to send data to two or more destinations; and how you can use routing and filters to process data independently.

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On-demand webinar — Fluent Bit: Advanced Routing to all Your Destinations

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Why Calyptia Core?

Low-Code / No-Code Logging Pipelines

With more than 100 integrations and a visual pipeline builder, you can connect new services in minutes

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Automated Operations and Simplified Scaling

Scale up data collection and processing with automatic load balancing and single click deployment across your logging pipelines

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20+ Built-In Processing Transformations

Leverage built-in rules to unlock powerful processing, such as aggregation, enrichment, redaction, filtering, or custom transformations, all configurable with a few clicks. With the processing rules UI, you can test and build confidently without deploying

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Simplify Operations at Scale

Fleet Management automates the install, configuration and maintenance of agents across thousands of machines.

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Enterprise Security and Stability

Achieve peace of mind with reliable security, consistent updates, and support for enterprise operating systems (including RHEL, Mac, Windows)

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Is Calyptia Core a collection agent?

Calyptia Core is a centralized logging management platform that offers both a collection agent and an aggregator. Calyptia Core agents can connect to any source and route to multiple destinations. Additionally, the aggregator enables in-stream processing, allowing you to add schema, parse logs, redact information, or enrich a stream.

Do I have to replace my existing agents or collectors?

You have the option to keep or replace existing agents. Calyptia Core accepts data from Splunk UF, Splunk HEC, Telegraf, and Beats, to name a few.

Is Calyptia a replacement for Splunk or Datadog?

No, they are used together. Splunk is an observability platform whereas Calyptia Core is a centralized logging management platform. Calyptia integrates into your existing infrastructure to enable processing, enrichment, and reduction on the pipelines feeding into your Splunk deployment.

Where does Calyptia Core run?

Calyptia Core has two parts: a control plane and a data plane. The control plane is hosted in our cloud, giving you easy access to manage and operate your data planes. The data plane runs in your environment on top of a Linux virtual machine or a Kubernetes cluster.

What types of processing can I do with Calyptia Core?

Calyptia Core includes more than 20 actions out-of-the-box. These include the ability to add fields, remove redundancies, redact, flatten, enrich, and more. You can also create custom actions using Calyptia’s extensible actions.

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News from Calyptia

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