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An Enterprise Platform for First Mile Observability

By the Fluent Bit creators.

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Our Value

Our Value

Reduce costs.

Drastically reduce back-end costs by aggregating and monitoring only what matters, and discarding what doesn’t.

De-risk applications earlier.

Real-time processing and metrics at the point of collection gives teams predictive powers into performance issues.

Visualize freedom.

Analyze your entire cloud-scale estate of data pipelines while avoiding vendor lock-in with Fluent Bit & Fluentd open source power.

Introducing Calyptia Cloud

Manage, monitor, aggregate and visualize your Fluent observability data pipelines on our platform with real-time metrics, optimization and expert support.

Product Overview

From the creators and maintainers that brought you Fluentd & Fluent Bit

From the creators and maintainers that brought you Fluentd & Fluent Bit

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Who are we?

Calyptia provides a first mile data observability platform from the creators and maintainers of the open source Fluentd and Fluent Bit projects. Our unified control plane for deploying, monitoring, and managing cloud-native application data pipelines scales to squeeze value and early insights from thousands of servers and petabytes of data flowing to any destination.

Meet the Team

Get rich performance visibility through dozens of optimized charts that highlight the metrics that matter.

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