Calyptia Core

Plug into your Observability and SIEM backends with a simple and easy-to-use telemetry pipeline.

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Aggregate data from any source and send it to any destination

Calyptia Core integrates with your existing Observability and SIEM toolset. We don’t replace your stack; we make your stack better.

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Faster data onboarding

Quickly add new data sources and destinations without spending weeks building integration for SDKs and APIs.

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Less time collecting, more time for insights 

Spend less time deploying and configuring agents and pipelines and more time discovering actionable insights. Calyptia Core’s low-code & UI approach to telemetry pipeline management makes it possible to connect your existing agents, open source protocols, SaaS platforms and your backends.

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Reduce your data storage costs

Noisy data is expensive in both time and $$$. Core reduces the noise with intelligent built-in filters that can reduce storage by 30% or more.

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Transform data in flight

Out-of-the-box processing rules enable easy data transformation, enrichment, reduction, redaction, and more. Create bespoke rules to apply business logic as needed.

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Your data stays in your environment

Calyptia's unique approach utilizes a hosted Management Plane for configuring and monitoring the health of your pipelines and a self-hosted Data Plane which ensures that your data stays safely within your environment. The Management Plane can also be self-hosted if required.

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Diagram showing the Calyptia Management Plane and the Calyptia Data Plane

Manage Fluent Bit agents in fleets

With billions of downloads, Fluent Bit is the most popular telemetry data agent for enterprises. Calyptia Core is the only solution for fleet management of Fluent Bit across thousands of deployments.

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Flexible Deployment, in your infrastructure 

It’s your data, let it stay in your security boundary. With Calyptia Core, deploy on top of a virtual machine, Kubernetes cluster, or even your laptop and process without having to route your data to another egress location.
Keep data next to your backend, minimize egress charges and keep latency to a minimum with Calyptia Core deployed within your datacenter
Single pane of glass across all your Calyptia Core instances regardless if they are on your laptop, Kubernetes clusters, or your Linux servers
Multi-user Cloud control plane allowing your team to build, test, and deploy Telemetry pipelines with either a UI or CLI interface

"Observability and SIEM without filtering is like handing vendors a blank check and hoping they don't overspend"

- Sr. Director, Fortune 100 Financial Services

Try Calyptia Core for Free!

The easiest way to try Core is with our Docker Desktop extension, but you can also install it on Kubernetes, Red Hat, Ubuntu, or Amazon Linux 2. Whatever your choice, you’ll be creating your first pipeline and filtering your data in minutes.Install Core Now!