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Fluent Bit Half-Day Training

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Join Calyptia, the creators of Fluent Bit, for this three-part (on-demand) hands-on training and get actionable takeaways on

  1. Fluent Bit 101 - The basics of data collection and routing & common architectures

  2. Fluent Bit Processing - Processing streaming data (including redaction, enrichment, and dropping noisey data)

  3. Fluent Bit Operations & Monitoring - Metrics, patterns, & agents

Half-day Training Hosts:

  • Eduardo Silva, Fluent Bit Creator | Software Engineer | Co-founder of Calyptia

  • Anurag Gupta, Fluent Bit maintainer | Software Engineer | Co-founder of Calyptia

  • Jose Lecaros, Fluent Bit maintainer | JVM Developer | Support at Calyptia

Fluent Bit 101 - Part 1

In this section you'll learn:
The Basics
1. Routing
2. Plugins
3. Configuration
Common Architectures
1. How an event flows through Fluent Bit
2. Error Handling and Retry Logic
3. Chunks and Buffering

Fluent Bit Advanced Processing - Part 2

In this section you'll learn:
1. Introduction to processing
with Fluent Bit
2. Advanced Lua and
stream processing
Best Practices for
1. Redactions
2. Reductions
3. Enrichment & tagging
1. Common issues
2. Retry logic

Fluent Bit Operations and Monitoring - Part 3

In this section you'll learn:
1. Common architecture patterns
2. Forwarders and aggregators
3. Sidecars & agents
1. Known metrics
2. New metrics
3. Real-time pipeline monitoring

This half-day training was the grand finale of the Fluent Bit Summer Series. There were three webinars that led up to this training. Each of them was self-contained, so you do not need to have attended the others to glean insights from each one. Check them out below!

About Fluent Bit & Calyptia

Fluent Bit is an open-source solution for collecting, processing, and routing logs, metrics, and traces from nearly any source to nearly any destination. With over ten billion downloads, Fluent Bit powers the telemetry data pipelines for many of the world's largest organizations. Fluent Bit takes an agnostic approach to integrations which allows it to fit into a multiplicity of environments and support a mass of data sources & destinations. More than just a logging agent, Fluent Bit also provides mid-stream data processing that enables organizations to make informed business decisions about where to send their data with dozens of integrations

A CNCF-graduated project, Fluent Bit is the default telemetry pipeline agent deployed in major Kubernetes distributions, including Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), and more.

Founded by the creator of Fluent Bit, Calyptia is the primary maintainer of the Fluent Bit open-source project. We provide products and services that support and enhance observability practices for some of the world’s largest companies. 

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