Press Release: Calyptia Announces General Availability of Calyptia Core

Calyptia Core Now in General Availability

Written by Eduardo Silva in Calyptia CoreNewson October 25, 2022

Calyptia Core Now in General Availability

Today we are announcing the general availability of Calyptia Core. Core is a Kubernetes solution for simplifying the configuration and management of observability data pipelines. Core’s plug-and-play approach to configuring data sources and destinations enables users to quickly and easily aggregate observability data at scale and ensures that all data is captured, transformed, and routed as desired.

Core complements a business’s existing observability analytics, monitoring, and security tools and integrates with all major backends used for storing and analyzing observability data (Splunk, Datadog, OpenTelemetry, Elasticsearch, S3, etc.). 

Calyptia Core also includes automation of data collection, facilitates data processing and filtering, includes a control plane to provide fine-grained management of the process, and also offers an extensive developer toolset.


Until now, observability into Kubernetes clusters has been a very manual, time-consuming, and complex process that often delays results. As a business, this leaves you in a position where you tend to focus more on the collection and maintenance of tooling for data management than on extracting value from it. Simply put, Calyptia Core makes it easier to run your business. 

To learn more about how Calyptia Core can transform your Observability practices, schedule a demo

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