Press Release: Calyptia Announces General Availability of Calyptia Core

Press Release: Calyptia Announces General Availability of Calyptia Core

Written by Erik Bledsoe in Media Mentionson October 25, 2022

Press Release: Calyptia Announces General Availability of Calyptia Core

Kubernetes solution simplifies enterprise data collection and aggregation

SAN FRANCISCO — October 25, 2022 — Calyptia, a leader in solutions for enterprise observability as well as the creator and primary maintainer of Fluent Bit, today announced the general availability of Calyptia Core, a Kubernetes solution that simplifies data collection, aggregation and routing at scale. Calyptia Core removes the operational burden so teams can concentrate on what matters most — discovering actionable insights from their data.

Today’s dynamic, distributed, cloud-native IT infrastructures produce exponentially more enterprise data than ever, making defining and managing the logs, metrics, and traces generated more challenging. Calyptia Core’s plug-and-play approach to configuring data sources and destinations enables users to quickly and easily aggregate observability data at scale and ensures that all data is captured, transformed and routed as desired.

“Until now, observability into Kubernetes clusters has been a very manual, time-consuming and complex process that often delays results. As a business, this leaves you in a position where you tend to focus more on the collection and maintenance of tooling for data management, than extracting value from it,” said Calyptia CEO and co-founder Eduardo Silva. “Calyptia Core makes it easier to run your business.” 


Calyptia Core Enables Comprehensive Observability for Kubernetes Clusters

Calyptia Core is available now and integrates with all major backends used for storing and analyzing observability data (Splunk, Datadog, OpenTelemetry, Elasticsearch, S3, etc.). It complements a business’s existing observability analytics, monitoring, and security tools. Other benefits include:

  • Reduced cost from using instream processing to route or remove nonessential data to lower-cost storage, ultimately reducing the data stored and processed by expensive search and analytics tools

  • Enhanced security by removing the requirement to share secrets and credentials between data sources and destinations

  • High-performance scaling that can process petabytes of data across thousands of sources and destinations per day while maintaining low CPU and memory footprints

  • Flexible with powerful processing rules for adding information that would otherwise be unavailable further downstream or removing information that should not be stored

Calyptia Core also includes automation of data collection, ability to create custom data pipelines for aggregation that facilitates data processing and filtering, a control plane to provide fine-grained management of the process and extensive developer toolsets to simplify enterprise adoption.

To learn more about Calyptia Core, visit

About Calyptia
Named a Cool Vendor in Observability and Monitoring for Logging and Containers by Gartner® for 2022, Calyptia is a leader in solutions for enterprise observability and the creator and primary maintainer of the Fluent Bit open source project. Calyptia offers Fluent Bit-based services and products that enable enterprises to simplify and optimize their observability pipelines. For more information, please visit

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