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When it comes to
first-mile data,
we were there at the open source start.

As founders and maintainers of the widely used Fluentd and Fluent Bit log data collection and forwarding projects, we’ve been listening closely to the needs of the community.

When it comes to
first-mile data,
we were there
at the open source start.

We strive to exceed the needs of our customers and support them in achieving their goals by providing specialized and efficient solutions.

A brief history of Calyptia

Born from the need

In 2014, the Fluentd creators — then working at Treasure Data — were solving data collection and processing problems at high scale already, but they saw the need of a lightweight log processor for constraint environments like Embedded Linux.

They decided to start with an open-source project – Fluent Bit – to solve the problem of how to collect data in a reliable way for multiple devices, and create something that could sustainably improve over time.

Over the years, Fluent Bit became Apache 2.0 licensed, and recorded more than 2 million deployments a day globally. Fluentd became one of the earliest CNCF graduated projects. This technology was solving a real problem.

As creators and maintainers of the Fluent projects, Calyptia co-founders Eduardo Silva and Anurag Gupta started seeing lots of issues, pull requests and contributions on GitHub. It was a good time to start a relationship with this vibrant community, and support enterprises in their quest for first-mile observability without vendor lock in.

* Treasure Data Keynote, 2014

And with an agile hummingbird as the next natural logo in the Fluent progression, Calyptia was born as a bridge between first-mile data and the enterprise.

Our Founders

Eduardo Silva


Software Engineer, OSS Creator/Maintainer, and Entrepreneur.

Anurag Gupta


Product Manager, OSS Maintainer and Entrepreneur.

Investors and Advisors


Managing Partner Sierra Ventures; Primary Investor, Calyptia; Member of the Board of Directors


CTO at CNCF / or / Chief Technology Officer at Cloud Native Computing Foundation


Principal Fluentd Maintainer, ex Principal engineer at Treasure Data


GTM Sales Leader and General Manager; Board Advisor at Calyptia