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Talking Growth: Growing a Startup in the Observability Space

Calyptia co-founder Anurag Gupta recently appeared on the “Talking Growth” podcast in an episode called “Growing a Startup in the Observability Space: Lessons Learned along the Way.”

Anurag sat down with host TJ Randall, Chief Customer Experience Officer of Instruqt to discuss growing and scaling Calyptia from the Open Source Fluent Bit project.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Anurag and TJ discuss:

  • how observability is more than just monitoring
  • how Calyptia emerged from the Fluentd and Fluent Bit open source projects
  • how Calyptia provides tools that enable enterprises to streamline the use of these really powerful open source technologies
  • how observability solves the pains that engineers and developers have
  • strategies for convincing leadership to invest in observability
  • the value of vendor-neutral solutions
  • and more…

Instruqt is a hands-on virtual IT Lab Platform for interactive learning. It allows software companies (like Calyptia) to showcase their software on real technology and real environment using a browser-based private sandbox environment.

Calyptia uses Instruqt for our Fluent Bit & Fluentd hands-on learning labs.