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Press Release: Calyptia for Fluent Bit Now Available in AWS Marketplace

Written by Calyptia Team in Newson September 29, 2022

Press Release: Calyptia for Fluent Bit Now Available in AWS Marketplace

SAN FRANCISCO, September 29, 2022 – Calyptia, a leader in solutions for enterprise observability, today announced the immediate availability of Calyptia Fluent Bit in AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that makes it easy to find, test, buy and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Calyptia Fluent Bit is a long-term support version and professional services plan for enterprises running Fluent Bit as part of their IT infrastructure. Calyptia CEO and co-founder Eduardo Silva is the creator of Fluent Bit, an open-source engine for enterprise observability of logs, metrics and traces, with over three billion deployments. Fluent Bit collects, processes, and routes event data from any source to any destination–even multiple destinations–for storage and analysis. It is a vendor-neutral solution and supports all major data backends.

“Many enterprises are attracted to the transparency and innovation of open-source software but balk at the adoption because of the frequency and often unpredictability of updates from the community,” Silva said. “Calyptia Fluent Bit provides them with a security-hardened, stable version of Fluent Bit, a predictable upgrade schedule, and the assurance that all security updates, patches and bug fixes will be applied quickly by a support team dedicated to the product.”

Fluent Bit is already supporting AWS services such as Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), where it’s used to send logs to Amazon CloudWatch. Calyptia Fluent Bit’s availability in AWS Marketplace helps AWS customers to remove technical and operational hurdles and focus on actionable insights gleaned from their observability pipeline.

As a means of measuring the current state of a system based on the data it generates, observability has gained traction as an essential enterprise operation. The explosive growth in the amount of data generated by today’s distributed IT environments, however, has resulted in dramatic increases in the cost of storage and analysis of that data. Calyptia’s ability to process and filter data closer to its source allows companies to save by routing non-essential data to lower-cost solutions.  Learn more about Calyptia Fluent Bit or purchase in AWS Marketplace.

About Calyptia

Named a Cool Vendor in Observability and Monitoring for Logging and Containers by Gartner® for 2022, Calyptia is a leader in solutions for enterprise observability and the creator and primary maintainer of the Fluent Bit open source project. Calyptia offers Fluent Bit-based services and products that enable enterprises to simplify and optimize their observability pipelines. For more information, please visit

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