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Press Release: Fluent Bit v2 Adds Full Support for OpenTelemetry, Prometheus and WebAssembly Plugins

Written by Calyptia in Fluent BitNewson October 24, 2022

Press Release: Fluent Bit v2 Adds Full Support for OpenTelemetry, Prometheus and WebAssembly Plugins

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 24, 2022 – Calyptia, creators and maintainers of the open-source projects Fluent Bit and Fluentd, have announced the release of Fluent Bit v2, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) open-source project for the collection, processing and delivery of logs, metrics and traces. With Fluent Bit deployed over three billion times and in use by major cloud providers such as AWS, Google, and Azure — Fluent Bit v2 adds major new observability integrations with full support for OpenTelemetry, Prometheus Metrics and added extensibility with WebAssembly plugins. 

With the growth and standardization of OpenTelemetry for distributed tracing, Fluent Bit’s new integration for OpenTelemetry allows users to capture OpenTelemetry traces, metrics, and logs as well as route data to any OpenTelemetry compatible endpoint. This routing also includes using the OpenTelemetry protocol. Additionally, with millions of users running Prometheus and OpenMetrics in production, Fluent Bit can also be used to retrieve and route that data in native Prometheus format. These additions and integrations build on Fluent Bit’s commitment to being the vendor-neutral solution for enterprise observability pipelines. 

Fluent Bit is used to gather the massive amounts of telemetry data produced by modern cloud-native applications, process that data, and then deliver it to various other applications and systems for storage and analysis. Fluent Bit has always taken a vendor-neutral approach to the systems and applications with which it integrates, supporting competing industry telemetry standards and allowing users to interoperate freely in the rapidly evolving observability marketplace. 

Earlier this month Fluent Bit surpassed three billion downloads and deployments, making it one of the most valuable open-source projects in the observability space. 

“Fluent Bit v2 is the most significant release ever for the project,” said Fluent Bit creator and Calyptia CEO Eduardo Silva. “Fluent Bit is the new standard agent on most cloud providers. As the project’s primary maintainers, Calyptia is dedicated to making Fluent Bit the fastest and lowest resource utilization solution to drive observability data pipelines, but Fluent Bit v2 would not have been possible without others like Microsoft and Observe, Inc. who also made significant contributions to this release. Fluent Bit is a great example of how open-source communities work together for a common solution.”

The new release also includes a feature called Tap that allows users to see in real-time exactly how their observability data is transformed at any stage in its journey. 

Fluent Bit v2 also improves the developer experience by allowing them to extend Fluent Bit by writing plugins in Go or WebAssembly (Wasm). 

Other enhancements include additional security options that allow for data encryption throughout the data pipeline, as well as performance improvements. 

A full list of the new features and updates is available at https://fluentbit.io/announcements/.

About Calyptia
Named a Cool Vendor in Observability and Monitoring for Logging and Containers by Gartner® for 2022, Calyptia is a leader in solutions for enterprise observability and the creator and primary maintainer of the Fluent Bit open source project. Calyptia offers Fluent Bit-based services and products that enable enterprises to simplify and optimize their observability pipelines. For more information, please visit calyptia.com. For more information about the Fluent Bit open-source project, visit https://fluentbit.io/.

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