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Introducing the Calyptia Sandbox Environment for Fluent Bit

Written by Timothy Stephan in Newson April 12, 2022

Introducing the Calyptia Sandbox Environment for Fluent Bit

Jump right in, get your hands dirty, and quickly learn one of the most powerful tools for enterprise observability. No set up or sign up required.

We at Calyptia are super-excited to announce the availability of our new sandbox environment for Fluent Bit. This new playground is fully hosted, enabling users to try out the latest version of Fluent Bit in as little as one minute, without deploying any infrastructure. The sanbox is applicable to all skill levels. You can get started on your Fluent Bit journey by going through our modules to learn basic tasks, or you can expand your toolkit by using the environment to master advanced techniques for optimizing your observability pipeline.


This First Set of Learning Modules Includes:

  1. Running Fluent Bit via Command Line.

  2. Configuring Fluent Bit to Read From a File.

  3. Routing and Tagging Introduction.

While the current scenarios are built for new users, we’ll continue to add modules. Experienced users can also make use of the sandbox to try out more complex scenarios and route event data to running cloud environments – such as Datadog, Elastic Cloud, Splunk Cloud, New Relic and more.

Get Started

Follow the below link to get started immediately! Again, no email address or other registration is required.

The Calyptia Sandbox Environment for Fluent Bit

Note that the environments used in this sandbox are totally ephemeral. All data and configurations are deleted when you end a session. Of course, you can contact us should you need a more permanent solution. We’d be happy to help.


Get Involved

While these first set of scenarios cover basic scenarios with Fluent Bit, we intend to keep adding more scenarios around specific backends and capabilities. If you would like to see a specific example or scenario, be sure to comment in our following discussion post:

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