Calyptia Enterprise for Fluent Bit is now generally available!

Written by Anurag Gupta in Newson March 17, 2022

Calyptia Enterprise for Fluent Bit is now generally available!

Note: Calyptia Enterprise for Fluent Bit has become Calyptia Core. Please refer to the Calyptia Core product page for more information. The information below is retained for the historical record.

We are proud to announce that Calyptia Enterprise for Fluent Bit is now generally available and ready to solve the challenges of collecting, parsing, filtering, and routing observability data at scale. Building on the open-source Fluent Bit project, which has been deployed over one billion times, Calyptia Enterprise provides all the capabilities for scale, management, and security to enable any organization to deploy and maintain a best-in-class observability practice.

  1. Scale to process billions of messages with single command scale-up

  2. Simplify operations with auto-healing, auto-load balancing, and built-in high availability

  3. Control all your observability pipelines with a single command-line interface across multiple cloud or on-prem environments

  4. Integrate with your existing observability backends to reduce costs

Get Started Now!

Users can get started for free in as little as five minutes by deploying on top of an existing Kubernetes cluster and then using Calyptia CLI to manage multiple deployments from a single interface. With the announcement of general availability, we are also extending 100GB of data ingested daily free for a limited time for each Calyptia account.


The easy route to achieving first-mile data value.

Calyptia has already helped hundreds of large organizations reduce observability costs, and improve reliability within their pipelines. For example, messaging service Tocaro in Japan was able to implement Calyptia Enterprise within their AWS EKS environment and quickly realized large gains in scale and visibility:

“We at Tocaru were able to use the same Fluent Bit configuration and add high scale, auto-healing, and auto load balancing with a single command. This led to removing our out-of-memory issues, as well as allowed us to scale up to meet peak traffic demands of hundreds of GB daily. In addition, we now also get visibility into how much data we send to observability backends which was a gap for us before.”

Manabu Ohtake, ITOCHU Techno Solutions Japan

What’s next?

General Availability with Calyptia Enterprise is only the first stage in providing a best-in-class observability practice. We have amazing features on the horizon that will bring even more robustness and capabilities to first-mile observability and we invite you to be part of the journey.

Deploy first-mile data pipelines with confidence at scale, backed and supported by the creators and committers of Fluentd and Fluent Bit

Get rich performance visibility through dozens of optimized charts that highlight the metrics that matter.

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