Calyptia Core 2.0 Introduces Fleet Management and More

Written by Calyptia in Calyptia CoreNewson April 18, 2023

Calyptia Core 2.0 Introduces Fleet Management and More

SAN FRANCISCO and AMSTERDAM, April 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today at Observability Day Europe, Calyptia, the first mile observability company founded by the creators of Fluent Bit, released version 2.0 of its telemetry pipeline solution. Calyptia Core 2.0 now has fleet management, a major new feature that unlocks time savings and engineering productivity across the billions of Fluent Bit deployments. Calyptia will be demonstrating Calyptia Core 2.0 this week at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe.

“Calyptia helps customers with the first mile of their observability data journey, the process of collecting data from their systems and sending it to where it can be stored and analyzed for insights,” said Eduardo Silva, Calyptia co-founder and creator of Fluent Bit. “Fleet management brings the management of telemetry pipelines to the edge by enabling users to automate the installation and configuration of large-scale deployments of the Fluent Bit agent.” 

Calyptia Core manages the creation and configuration of telemetry pipelines that are responsible for gathering and processing system data from applications, cloud services and firewall/network devices before delivering the data to backend systems for storage and analysis.  On every system to be monitored, users have to install a small application called an agent that collects the telemetry data and initiates its travel through the pipeline. Until now, administrators have needed to write complex scripts to automate the process of installing, configuring and maintaining these agents across thousands of machines, a time-consuming and often error-prone process. 

With the addition of fleet management, Calyptia Core 2.0 automates the installation and configuration of large-scale deployments of the Fluent Bit agent without custom scripting — making administration of infrastructure easier, creating significant time savings, and ensuring agents are deployed consistently and reliably, no matter how large the fleet. 

Calyptia Core 2.0 also adds dozens of new out-of-the-box processing rules for complex transformations such as redaction, aggregation, reduction and enrichment of data midstream. Such transformations provide more context for analysis, reduce risk, and can significantly reduce costs by keeping unnecessary and duplicate data out of expensive backend storage. 

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About Calyptia 
Calyptia focuses on the first mile of observability, enabling organizations to gain the most insight and value from their data pipelines at the highest speed and lowest cost.  The company was founded by the creator of Fluent Bit, a popular open source telemetry agent with billions of downloads and used by startups to the world’s biggest brands. Calyptia is fully remote. For more information, go to: and or follow @calyptiainc.

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