$5M series seed funding

Calpytia raises $5m seed round to bring Fluent Bit to the Enterprise

Written by Eduardo Silva in Newson March 2, 2022

Calpytia raises $5m seed round to bring Fluent Bit to the Enterprise

One of the biggest lessons in our careers is nothing accelerates innovation like open source software and a community of developers that rallies around it. 

We found this out while working on the opposite ends of the popular open-source projects, Fluentd and Fluent Bit – fast, lightweight, and high scalable open-source log and metrics collectors. Eduardo working at Treasure Data, the original creators of both projects, and Anurag at Microsoft, had embedded Fluentd into our Log Analytics offering to accelerate value for Azure customers. After meeting through the community many times, we found that there was a lot of opportunity for these projects to grow.

At the same time, small projects like Docker containers, distributed computing, and IoT started making huge waves. Kubernetes also started coming into the mix, under the umbrella of the recently formed Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). These data challenges we saw at Microsoft and Treasure Data were now applying to infrastructure in different companies across verticals. To add to this the complexity of the environment meant that monitoring and observability mattered, even more, to understand what happened, and Prometheus (metrics) and Fluentd (logs) joined the CNCF to support these new use cases.

Fast forward 6 years and Fluentd is now a graduated level project, along with Prometheus and Kubernetes, and has scaled to enormous traction across the enterprise, cloud, and private server environments. We found cloud providers, like Google, Microsoft, Amazon embedding Fluent Bit within Kubernetes offerings to solve higher scalability and throughput challenges. Of course, like these big companies many verticals – finance, retail, enterprise software, security started to face similar enterprise challenges around security, scalability, and the flow of data.

As we were still fortunate enough to be part of the large Fluent community, we felt the only way to truly deliver value to users on these challenges was to found an enterprise company, Calyptia.

The next step of that journey is today’s announcement that Calyptia has raised its $5m seed round to deliver a First-Mile Observability Platform for the enterprise that scales and integrates seamlessly with existing observability backends to both improve systems analytics and reduce cost.


After years of development, Fluent Bit today is poised to help enterprises scale and transform the way we all do observability. They are the most widely used solutions for event data collection and processing, having been deployed over one billion times. We believe Fluent Bit brings the necessary ingredients to enterprises struggling with cloud computing complexities and, in turn, those enterprises will make the Fluent ecosystem even stronger. Just like Linux or Kubernetes, the enterprise is transformed by their innovation and the developer community is stronger because of it. A virtuous circle of innovation. 

Let’s talk a bit about First-Mile Observability, because it’s really what we’re doing with Calyptia and what is required in today’s enterprise environment. This refers to Calyptia’s ability to collect and analyze data at its source and provide immediate insight into system performance. It’s different from traditional observability solutions that require data to be fully routed to back-end “last-mile” storage before centralized analysis and reporting can take place. The conventional approach no longer serves enterprise customers who are working with distributed IT, including IoT and edge applications across public and private cloud environments. 

Only Calyptia Enterprise for Fluent Bit has the speed and scale to support these dynamic systems and Calptyia delivers the goods. We’ve built our platform based on these principles: 

Calyptia Brings Open Source Ideology to Product Development

We have an open approach. We talk to all analytics and back-end solutions to enable fully transparent observability through a vendor neutral-solution for data collection – a solution that can talk to Splunk as well as Elasticsearch, Kafka, and more. And we have a developer-focused mindset, building the tools, integrations, and capabilities to enable the enormous community that is downloading these technologies more than two million times a day.  

Observability is a Journey

Observability isn’t something you do once: It’s a journey that involves how data flows within a system, including the collection, sanitization, filtering, and additional processing. This data pipeline then feeds analytic tools so that developers and analysts can gain insight into how the system is performing.  

Calyptia Embodies Scale by Working with Existing infrastructure

There are no expensive or time-consuming requirements to rip and replace current infrastructure. Its ability to speed and scale data processing, and its ability to filter and enhance data actually make existing systems more powerful.

We hope you’ll join us on this new Observability Journey, from the First-Mile to the Last-Mile. You can check out the official news release with all the details here: 


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