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Tag: fluentbit

Use Fluent Bit to send logs and metrics to Grafana Cloud

With the release of Fluent Bit 1.8.3 there are brand new capabilities to send metrics via Prometheus remote write alongside all the usual logs that you may already be sending. One destination that has grown in popularity has been Grafana Cloud, thanks to its generous free tier of metrics and log storage.

Announcing Calyptia Fluentd distribution!

Today, we're happy to announce the initial release of Calyptia Fluentd v1.0. Fluentd is an extremely popular open-source project that is a graduated project part of the cloud native computing foundation (CNCF). Calyptia Fluentd is a new distribution of Fluentd that includes more metric-foused features, along with packages optimized for

First Mile data collection

When we look at data in an enterprise most users concentrate on the data backend, such as databases, data lakes, index stores, etc. This focus is well warranted as these backends are where users gain insights on data that is generated. Recently, we’ve begun to see that focus broaden to

Send data to Splunk, Elasticsearch, and Grafana Loki

Observability platforms continue to evolve every few years offering greater abilities for developers to debug and troubleshoot their code. Three popular observability platforms include Splunk, Elasticsearch, and Grafana's Loki. Each platform offers its own experience on how to send data to its respective platform, however, maintaining separate agents per platform

3 ways to save money on Splunk with Calyptia

If you go to any Fortune 100 company, you will most certainly find Splunk. Splunk gives rich analytic capabilities on top of one of the most versatile data sources (machine data, logs). Adding more data to Splunk is super easy and adds more value to the organization - whether you