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Spend time acting on insights
not on formatting configuration files

Calyptia Core

Powered by Fluent Bit, Calyptia Core simplifies
your observability efforts with a click-and-drag
approach to telemetry pipeline management
and configuration.
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Control observability costs with intelligent in-stream data processing that keeps irrelevant data out of expensive storage and analytics backends.


  • Remove noisy data
  • Route data to cheaper storage locations
  • Redact or remove redundant data

Managing your Kubernetes clusters can be a complex task.

Understanding what is happening inside of them is even more challenging.

Aggregate data from any source and send it to any destination

Calyptia Core integrates with and enhances your existing observability toolset

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The easiest way to try Core is with our Docker Desktop extension, but you can also install it on Kubernetes, Red Hat, Ubuntu, or Amazon Linux 2. Whatever your choice, you’ll be creating your first pipeline and filtering your data in minutes.
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Learn vendor-neutral tips & tricks for reducing
the cost of your observability data
Free, on-demand webinar

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