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How to manage collection agents at scale (On-demand webinar)

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As your endpoints and agents grow, getting approvals for configuration changes and modifications can be time-consuming and tricky. Join us tomorrow to learn how to use Calyptia Fleet Management to automate configuration changes across all your operating systems without having to use custom code and scripting.

Calyptia Fleet Management makes administration easier with

  • Automatic monitoring of all agents

  • Consistent deployment of agents with error handling

  • Real-time rollout for immediate configuration changes when you need information fast

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The Presenter

Anurag Gupta is the co-founder of Calyptia and a maintainer of Fluent Bit. Gupta’s career with open source software began at Microsoft where he worked as part of the Open Source Technology Center. From there, he went to Treasure Data where he led the Fluentd project and helped launch Enterprise Fluentd. It was at Treasure Data that Gupta met eventual Calyptia co-founder Eduardo Silva who was part of the Fluentd team and was the core developer of Fluent Bit.

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