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Episode #010 | Special Guest Matthew Fala

Eduardo had a wide-ranging discussion with AWS Software Engineer and Fluent Bit contributor Matthew Fala. They discussed the current and future state of Fluent Bit, views on how observability will evolve, and improvements Matthew did to the Fluent Bit event loop.

Episode #005 | Red Hat OpenShift

Calyptian Patrick Stephens and Co-founder Eduardo Silva discuss how to get started with Fluent Bit and Red Hat OpenShift. Calyptia solutions are certified to work with OpenShift.

Episode #004 | Fluent Bit + Lua

Here we discuss how to create powerful and flexible data filters using Lua. You can filter out data prior to transport and enrich event data with metadata to provide additional intelligence.

Episode #002 | Fluent Linter

Learn about Calyptia’s developer tools and commitment to ensuring that developers and practitioners can quickly and easily become successful on our platform.