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Author: Erik Bledsoe

Open Observability Day Presentation

OTel Me How to Build a Data Pipeline for Observability

The complexities that come with handling telemetry data from distributed systems as they scale, along with how to build an observability data pipeline using the OpenTelemetry collector and open source plugins that can perform a wide variety of data processing.

Open Observability Day Presentation

Managing OpenTelemetry Through the OpAMP Protocol

Open Agent Management Protocol (OpAMP) is a new network protocol from the OpenTelemetry Project that enables remote management of OpenTelemetry collectors, allowing them to report their status to and receive configuration from a Server and to receive agent package updates from the server.

Open Observability Day Presentation

Why Large-Scale Observability Needs Graph

This talk looks at early signs of how the observability community are beginning to leverage graph concepts – including Jaeger service graph, Backstage service catalog and eBay’s Groot (root cause analysis) tool – and some of the opportunities and challenges around how observability data can reveal more answers with graph.