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Getting Started with Calyptia Core and New Relic

In this two-part video, we demonstrate how to use Calyptia Core to create a telemetry pipeline that gathers data from a source and routes it to New Relic for storage and analysis.

In the first video, we walk through installing Calyptia Core on an EC2 in AWS. We then create a pipeline that sends data to New Relic. In addition, we demonstrate how Core’s processing rules can be used to enrich the data in mid-stream with information that would typically not be available further downstream. Finally, we demonstrate how data can also be redacted in mid-stream to prevent sensitive data from being stored where it shouldn’t.

In this second video, we demonstrate how to setup a pipeline that routes syslog data through Core and into New Relic. We also touch upon how Core mid-stream processing rules could be used to reduce the heavy volume of syslog data that is sent to New Relic for storage and analysis, potentially resulting in significantly lower costs.