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Calyptia for Fluent Bit Now Supports OpenTelemetry

The most recent release of Calyptia for Fluent Bit (v22.10) is the first to include Fluent Bit v2 and brings OpenTelemetry support and other features to customers. The release is now available for purchase in AWS Marketplace or directly from Calyptia.

Calyptia Fluent Bit is a long-term support (LTS) version and professional services plan for enterprises running Fluent Bit as part of their telemetry pipeline. The open source Fluent Bit has long been a favorite tool for collecting, processing, and routing logs and metrics, which make up the majority of the data analyzed in observability programs. With the release of Fluent Bit v2 last October, the project added support for OpenTelemetry, Prometheus Metrics, and WebAssembly plugins. Software versions included in LTS releases generally lag behind the most recent versions to allow for thoroughly debugging a release before deploying it into production. With the release of Calyptia Fluent Bit v22.10 customers now have access to the new features released as part of Fluent Bit v2.

If you are interested in Calyptia’s long-term support version of Fluent Bit for your enterprise, please contact us to discuss options.