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Open Observability Day 2022

⚡Lightning Talk

What Can eBPF Actually do for Modern-day Observability?

Ori Shussman, groundcover


This talk is all about exposing how the magic of eBPF can be used to achieve full observability in complex edge cases, through the lens of a real-life gRPC monitoring case study. In the era of ever-growing observability data, existing monitoring solutions are faced with new problems, often deeming them impractical. We will deep dive into the hardships of monitoring gRPC and other compressed or encrypted protocols and show how gRPC monitoring has undergone a revolution thanks to the integration of eBPF.

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Ori Shussman
founding engineer, groundcover

When Ori is not doing yoga or playing guitar he’s studying Neuroscience and CompSci. He’s been in Linux & kernel development since before hehad facial hair and he’s been following eBPF well before it was trending. He dove deep into discovering how eBPF can impact K8s observability. His latest project extends observability to gRPC using eBPF. His goal is to motivate others to explore eBPF and contribute to its growing community.