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Open Observability Day 2022


The Amazing Trace: Enhancing Distributed WebAssembly With OTEL

Brooks Townsend, Cosmonic


Have you ever looked back on a feature and wondered how you survived without it in the first place? This is exactly what OTEL did for wasmCloud, a CNCF sandbox application runtime for WebAssembly workloads on the server. As a platform focused on distributed computing, wasmCloud supports running applications on any platform, any cloud, and any edge. In such a distributed system it could be difficult to track down the source of issues, bottlenecks, and even where requests were even going in the first place. This talk focuses on the massive improvements wasmCloud saw after implementing tracing across its platform components. Aimed at reducing complexity for the developer, tracing is implemented at all stages behind-the-scenes and only requires an exporter to flip the observability switch.

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Brooks Townsend
Lead Software Engineer, Cosmonic

Brooks is a Lead Software Engineer at Cosmonic, focusing on harnessing WebAssembly to alleviate the pains of modern software development. Brooks started his software development career with Critical Stack, a Kubernetes container orchestration platform that is now open source. He joined Cosmonic to focus on bringing WebAssembly and wasmCloud to the Cloud Native world full-time. He is a proud Rustacean and an advocate of all-things open source.