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Open Observability Day 2022


Opening the Door to Observability

Libby Meren, CrowdStrike


Almost every organization is somewhere along the path to observability: from just getting started to having a sophisticated observability mindset. Whether you’re writing the code, deploying it to production, supporting users, or ensuring that their payment has hit the books in time, observability is fundamental for everyone, everywhere: it’s about what you’re trying to deliver to your end user. You know it’s important, but how do you build a case for observability and convince leadership to invest? In this talk we give you a grounding on how observability impacts and empowers every part of the business, and then share insights to help you define your strategy. We discuss the importance of open observability tools, along with why this should be key to your strategy. We share learnings from our experience observing teams making this transition, and leave you equipped to take charge of advocating for the necessary investment.

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Libby Meren
Director of Developer Relations, CrowdStrike

Libby Meren is Director of Developer Relations at Crowdstrike, where she’s focused on making it easier for developers to leverage observability, security, open source and other key patterns. In her career she’s been a software developer, engineering manager, and product manager, along with a variety of roles overlapping one or more of these areas. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, she lives in Seattle, Washington, and spends way too much time bemoaning the local weather. In her spare time Libby likes to ride horses, volunteer, read, and train her dog to talk using buttons.