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Open Observability Day 2022


Observability Simplified

Eduardo Silva, Calyptia


Observability is a journey that brings excellent values, at a current cost of an operational complexity associated with it, until now.

In this presentation, we will go through our lessons in the logging space by building the Fluent Bit project and how extending the ecosystem to support Metrics, and Traces has helped shape a simplified user observability experience.

Calyptia, one of the primary sponsors of Fluent Bit, is redefining the observability experience by removing the operational burden; come to learn more about how you can reduce your “time to observe” and “costs” in a vendor-neutral way.


Eduardo Silva
CEO & Founder, Calyptia

Eduardo is an entrepreneur and Software Engineer. He is currently one of the Fluentd project maintainers and is the creator of Fluent Bit, a lightweight Logs, Metrics and Traces processor. He also is the founder of Calyptia (the Fluent company).