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Open Observability Day 2022


Distributed Tracing: The Struggle is Real

Ian Smith, Chronosphere


In 2010, Google published a paper describing how they implemented distributed tracing internally. 12 years later, we’ve made limited progress on widespread implementation of this technology, despite near universal agreement that distributed tracing has the potential to solve many of the challenges brought on by cloud native. Despite our best efforts, few companies have fully implemented distributed tracing and even fewer engineering organizations utilize it with confidence. In this session, we’ll explore where organizations are getting stuck with distributed tracing and how they can overcome these obstacles. To drive broader adoption of distributed tracing, we need a new approach.

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Ian Smith
Field CTO, Chronosphere

Ian Smith is Field CTO at Chronosphere, where he works to deliver better insights and outcomes to observability teams supporting high scale cloud native environments. Previously, he’s worked with industry-leading engineering organizations implementing observability and incident response tooling in pre-sales roles at New Relic, Wavefront, PagerDuty and Lightstep.