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Open Observability Day 2022


Adopting Open Telemetry Collector @ eBay: Swapping Engines Mid Flight

Vijay Samuel, eBay


The Open Telemetry initiative is providing observability practitioners a vendor neutral and an open standard by which applications can ship telemetry data into observability platforms. eBay is a well documented adopter of Elastic Beats. eBay has been an extensive contributor to the Beats project and contributed its Kubernetes autodiscover module which can dynamically monitor pods on Kubernetes clusters. However, with the rest of the observability ecosystem converging onto Open Telemetry, we felt that it is essential for us to adopt the same. This presentation focuses on:

  • scale problems seen in large Kubernetes installations
  • benefits of using annotation based discovery at scale
  • our journey of replacing Metricbeat with Open Telemetry Collector without impacting metric collection
  • bridging critical gaps such as:
    • dynamic configuration reloading
    • semantic differences between Prometheus receiver and stock Prometheus
    • challenges faced in ensuring data parity post migration and solutions

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Vijay Samuel
Observability Architect, eBay

Vijay Samuel works with eBay’s observability platform as its architect. During his time at eBay Vijay has transformed eBay’s observability platform into a cloud native offering that is primarily built on top of open source technologies. He loves to code in Go and play video games.