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Open Observability Day 2022

⚡Lightning Talk

Achieving Unified Observability for Cloud and Edge with Fluent Bit

Benjamin Huo, QingCloud Technologies


With the rising of cloud native edge computing technologies, more and more organizations start to use Kubernetes to manage edge resources and workloads with the help of edge frameworks. Some of these edge frameworks like KubeEdge manage edge nodes as part of a cloud K8s cluster which brings challenges to users to manage edge nodes and edge applications. Observability is one of these challenges, for example: 1. Monitor and alert edge nodes and applications in the same way as cloud 2. Collect and search edge nodes and applications logs in the same way as cloud In this talk, Fluent Operator maintainers will discuss: 1. Use Fluent Operator to manage FluentBit for both cloud and edge environments. 2. Use FluentBit to collect edge nodes and applications logs and forward them to the cloud side. 3. Use FluentBit to collect edge nodes and applications metrics and remote write it to a Prometheus long-term storage in the cloud. 4. Manage logs and metrics in a central place for both edge and cloud.

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Benjamin Huo
Lead of KubeSphere Observability & Edge Team, QingCloud Technologies

Benjamin Huo leads KubeSphere’s Observability, Edge Computing, and Serverless team. He is the creator of Fluent Operator and OpenFunction. He is also the author of several observability open source projects including Kube-Events, Notification Manager, etc. He loves cloud-native and technologies and is a contributor to KEDA, Prometheus Operator, Thanos, Loki, and Falco.