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The Calyptia Enterprise For Fluent Bit Private Beta Is Now Open

Collaborate With Us To Establish Best Practices For First Mile Observability Throughout Your Organization

We Recently Announced Calyptia Enterprise For Fluent Bit

We at Calyptia are super excited to talk about our new solution, Calyptia Enterprise for Fluent Bit, and discuss how it can enable First Mile Observability for organizations of all types and sizes.  To recap, what we’ve done is to take the most powerful open source tool for first mile observability, Fluent Bit, and make it fully accessible for the enterprise.

     Fluent Bit is the engine for first mile observability

  • Optimized data parsing and routing to improve security and reduce overall cost
  • Robust, lightweight architecture with built in reliability and error-handling capabilities
  • Proven success across millions of daily deployments in cloud and containerized environments


     Calyptia Enterprise for Fluent Bit enables the enterprise to realize all possible benefits 

  • Integrated management command line for complete visibility and control 
  • Scalability to process petabytes of data across thousands of servers, containers, or network devices per day 
  • Freedom to leverage your existing analytics tools and storage destinations with no vendor lock-in
  • Comprehensive multi-cloud support to ensure extensibility and choice

And Now We’re Establishing A Private Beta Program

But we’re even more excited to start working with you on your project, as part of our Calyptia Enterprise for Fluent Bit private beta, and to get your input and feedback on the solution.  Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you  1) Establish best practices for first mile observability and  2) Optimize data routing and parsing across your environment.  We’d love to collaborate with you on your current first mile observability initiatives. 

Below, You Can Read More About The Benefits Of First Mile Observability From Industry Experts

 “There’s a lot of value that can be wrung out of first-mile data, especially in web scale cloud-native application environments with thousands of ephemeral microservices generating millions of telemetry data points,” said Jason English, an analyst at Intellyx. “By observing data as close to the wire as possible, enterprises can react and adjust their infrastructure configurations in near real time, as well as sorting out exactly what log and metric data is significant enough to store in back-end platforms,” he said.

Calyptia Spurs Observability Data With Fluent Bit Enterprise“, TechTarget, Sean Michael Kerner, 12/08/21


“Now we understand. First mile data is log data — metadata — about what system components are doing and how they are performing. Because the complexity and granularity of systems is increasing at a high rate — with thousands of servers each running thousands of containers in unbelievably complicated overall systems — diagnosing what is going on if there is a problem is difficult. So getting all that data from multiple sources in one place through a pipeline becomes critical. Then you can observe it, filter it and analyse it. Step forward Calyptia.”

First Mile Data, Petabyte-Scale Observability Pipelines Explained”, Blocks & FIles, Chris Mellor, 12/06/21

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