Calyptia Incense is tobacco high,legal alternative to cannabinoids available only on this site.

CALYPTIA Incense Tobacco is an extremely strong legal smoking blend. We can ensure you this product has better effect than any other product you have ever tried before,it is very strong so it is important to use only slightly for the first time.

It looks like classic tobacco, but is much more than that. You will not be disappointed with this blend! It is well worth every EURO! That’s for shore! 100% satisfaction guarantee.




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This blend will make you smile,
smile and smile some more...

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With this product you will experiance
meditative feeling...

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When strong isn't enough for you.
Just try it and you will experiance something new and unforgettable...

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CALYPTIA INCENSE TOBACCO. One and only 100% natural specially blended TOBACCO INCENSE available only on this site. No additives are used in the processing this tobacco blend, but it still contain nicotine. You have to be at least 18 years old to make this purchase. You have to agree with our Terms and Conditions if you want to use and order from our site.